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I am humbled and blessed to be used by God in any way He leads.

​Sometimes He leads me beside still waters . . . other times I end up leading myself into white water rapids!


​But all through my travels, He has been with me. He is behind me, before me and His right hand is on me.  Which is a good thing as I've felt His strong grip pull me back several times, keeping me from harm.


​Not that He always has kept my life from hardship. A survivor of sexual abuse throughout my childhood, three generations of divorce (including my own) and some rather challenging health issues, I am thankful to say He has used all the evil for good.


One of the ways He has used these trials is to allow me to write, speak and share with others the goodness of the Lord.  I am available for keynote speaking and weekend retreats whenever possible. 


​I'm a wife and mother of six and grandmother of two; blessed beyond measure, I'd say! ​


In fact, my cup runneth over with joy!  Then there's our dog . . . Mona . . .    She's a blessing and a trial!

All the best to you and  your family.  May your walk with Jesus be an incredible one!

~ Lori Dixon

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