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Over 150 women from around the world responded to a survey asking if they had been hurt by women in the church.


Using a light-hearted shoe analogy, their emotional testimonies were placed into 9 different soles:

  • Stella Stiletto - power shoe - leader

  • Penny Loafer - soft sole - introvert

  • Betty Boot - work boot - the church work-horse

  • Sally Sprinter - running shoe - has left the church.


You get the idea.


Each shoe gets a chapter where we see from their point of view an ongoing, interwoven story. The survey respondents' quotes are dispersed throughout giving us insights into all kinds of women who have been stepped on . . . and a few who admit to being toe crushers too.


Soles Defining Souls is all about hidden secrets, perception and misunderstandings.

In the end, we will arrive at The Cobbler's feet where He will work on restoring and resoling our broken lives.

Bravo! I really like it, a lot! The "real" input's are touching. As I read further I became moved, convicted and encouraged. Finished with a stirring to be more "other" aware, and a strong desire to be more thoughtful and kind and sensitive to my fellow Christian sisters especially. You just don't really know do you?



I must say that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED! You must, like me, see Penny in me but more than that I love the way this book is written and ministers to the soul. You have truly been given a gift from God.


~TK Canada


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